RDA has fully integrated and energy self sufficient, bio-fuels production facility located in North Queensland.

RDA is developing a renewable energy solution that can be produced at scale right across Regional Australia.​

​Our primary product, Bio-Granule, is a renewable plant based product that can replace coal, without modifications to coal fired boilers, offering an immediate renewable energy solution for all existing coal users. ​

Current Coal prices are a problem and the option of increasing supply is an environmental and political problem. Bio-Granules are a solution.​

​Our Bio-Granules can play an important role in supporting Australia’s future energy mix under Australia’s Bioenergy Roadmap’s vision for a sustainable bioenergy industry that delivers lower emissions, regional growth and energy resilience benefits for Australia.​

RDA also produces Bio-Ethanol which is manufactured on-site from sugars extracted from the sweet sorghum prior to Bio-Granule manufacture.