Renewable Developments Australia was formed in 2004 by a group of industry executives to develop biofuels and other renewable energy projects. 

RDA’s strategic direction has been to research and develop integrated, large-scale, cost competitive and low carbon lifecycle products under a fully integrated methodology that delivers benefits to shareholders and our environment. 

RDA’s unique project design is centred around complete integration, technological innovation, and biomass variety development for high yielding results. Collectively, the unique project designs afford strong global market advantages in the costs of production and carbon lifecycle footprint.  

The two primary biomass sources that will be cultivated by RDA are specific varieties of high yielding sweet sorghum and sugarcane that will supply the on-site, year round manufacturing facility.  

This biomass will be used to create Bio-Granules and Ethanol for sale to international and domestic markets. 

Bio-Granules are a renewable and sustainable product that is used as a coal replacement in coal fired power and energy plants. Fuel grade Ethanol is produced from the extraction of sugars from the biomass and is commonly used as a sustainable and renewable replacement for gasoline.  

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